Project Description

Sara’s Operation

Sara is one of the families we encountered during our Ramadan fundraiser. Once we heard about her story we knew we had to help her in any way possible. She was diagnosed with juvenile polyposis syndrome, a hereditary condition that her father also had. She required emergency surgery to remove her polyps and prevent the spread of an infection to her already compromised immune system.

We decided to create a viral social media campaign to raise awareness for her surgery. With the support of our Instagram following, we raised $1,000 and donated it to her GoFundMe. Although the fundraiser didn’t reach its goal, Sara was still able to have her operation due to the kindness of the Gulzad Foundation. She is now safe and recovering from her surgery that she had in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Life saved
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Sara’s condition causes abnormal growth of tissue in the colon (called polyps) which can result in cancer cells starting to form. Her father passed away due to the growth of cancer on the polyps. Sara had inflammatory polyps which were a big danger to her livelihood because it causes rectal bleeding.


Further videos and documentation is on our Instagram story highlights (@watanproject).